Welcome to PT with JaiFit  We are a Health & Wellness Foundation that prides itself on helping people that have a dual diagnosis of a chronic illness remain healthy and live a normal life. The goal of JaiFit is to provide in-home personal training or personal training that comes to you. If you are an individual that has been diagnosed with a multiple illnesses that does not allow you the time to get to a gym, or you feel insecure about yourself, or you just want that one on one service, please contact us today for your consultation. Our training programs are not just limited to those individuals that live with multiple chronic illnesses, but to those people that choose to live a healthy and full life by way of working out. We can also provide you with virtual training!
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ABOUT US Personal Training by Jai Jones, is part of a larger foundation that seeks to assist those living with a dual diagnosis of a chronic illness. The owner of the foundation herself is diagnosed with multiple illnesses, and she wants to share her journey with others that are just like her. She has not let her illness deter her from her passion, which is to help others live a full and healthy life. Our goal is to provide a service to you, that can be done in the privacy of your home or a place that is of great comfort to you. If you fear the gym, then we are what you're looking for. We are professional, courteous and customer service oriented. Click Here to Visit Our Blog
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